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Go Spatial
An effective and robust STOmics automation system for your lab.
Go Spatial
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Go Spatial provides fully automated intelligent solution going from post-imaging tissue sections to cDNA library, achieving high-throughput up to 24 samples per day. By automating repetitive and tedious manual operation, STOmics Automation System minimizes batch-to-batch effects, ensuring effective and standardized Stereo-seq results output.
Product Features
Efficient mRNA capturing and cDNA collection on centimeter-level chips
Fully automated, intelligently designed pipetting system with precise software control system
Precise software control system for better automation
High throughput, supporting 8 samples/run, 24 samples/day
Go Spatial Module components
  • Stacking carriers
  • Robotic arms
  • Working deck
  • Chip scanning module
  • Temperature control module
  • Thermal reaction module
Stacking carriers
Contains tip carriers & SBS plate carriers
Robotic arms
Contains 8 individual liquid handling components and 1 gripper
Working deck
Contains working platform, machine frame, outer cover and electronic controlling system
Chip scanning module
Scanning of QR code from the back of the chips in the chip containing plate
Temperature control module
Contains 2 heating & cooling temperature controlling modules
Thermal reaction module
Thermal reaction is performed on the chip containing plates in an enclosed environment
Q Can Go Spatial load a single chip per run?

Yes but not recommended. Due to dead volume in reservoir, more reagents need to be prepared. We recommend to load at least 4 chips per run to avoid frequent free-thaw cycles of the reagents.

Q Will Go Spatial be compatible with other Stereo-seq applications?

Yes, Go Spatial's modular design guarantees more extenstible applications in the future.

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