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Why should I apply?
Becoming a STOmics Certified Service Provider (CSP), you will get expert training, high quality  support team and no longer “fight alone”! JOIN US NOW!
What can I get?
STOmics CSP training program
STOmics expert will provide online support and hands-on training
Co-marketing opportunities
Brand exposure on STOmics website/social media platforms and other co-marketing opportunities after you become a CSP
STOmics Certified Service Provider certificate
Both printed and electronic certificates (valid for one year) will be granted
1. 1 set of Stereo-seq starter kit
· Stereo-seq Chip T (1cm*1cm)
· Stereo-seq Transcriptomics T Kit
· Stereo-seq Permeabilization Kit and Stereo-seq Library Preparation Kit.
· Stereo-seq Chip P(1cm*1cm)
· Stereo-seq Microscope Assessment Chip T (1cm*1cm)
2. Training and examination
A five-day offline training and a four-hour online training session will be provided, followed  by a qualification exam
3. Online support team
4. Certified service
5. Optional service provided
· Extra offline training + examination and certification
· Annual certificate extension of the authentication service
· New product online training + examination and certification
· New product offline training + examination and certification
How to become a Certified Service Provider
1. Meet STOmics CSP basic requirements
· Basic lab requirements
· Recommended laboratory design
· Personnel requirements
• One experienced cryosectioning technician
• Two molecular biology technicians
2  Submit the online application form
Within fourteen days after application submission, a notification on whether your application is accepted will be sent to you.
STOmics Global Certified Service Provider workflow
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