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Stereo-seq V1.0 Chip-on-a-slide product is officially launched and ready for ordering


Shenzhen, 20(th) January, 2022 - STOmics launches its new spatial transcriptomics reagent kit – Stereo-seq V1.0 for the global market today. Spatially resolved transcriptomics was named as Method of the Year 2020 by Nature Method. New technologies and products emerge in this area. However, the resolution and capture areas remain the two challenges limiting the research in spatial transcriptomics. STOmis groundbreaking technology -- Stereo-seq, which confluences cellular resolution and centimeter-level field-of-view, attracts great attention in scientific communities. Up to now, papers using Stereo-seq in oncology, regeneration, embryo development, etc. have been published in Cell, Nature, and Science.

Beyond the advanced technology strength, Stereo-seq V1.0 improved multiple features.

Chip-on-a-slide. Easy to handle and more user-friendly
Optimized biochemistry workflow. More efficient cDNA collection and results obtaining
Upgraded single-cell algorithm and software platforms. A better translation from data to insight

More details about Stereo-seq V1.0, please visit:

Recent publications using Stereo-seq:
●  Single-cell Stereo-seq reveals induced progenitor cells involved in axolotl brain regeneration, Science 2022,
●  Spatiotemporal transcriptomic atlas of mouse organogenesis using DNA nanoball-patterned arrays, Cell 2022,
●  A cellular hierarchy in melanoma uncouples growth and metastasis, Nature 2022,