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Beat the rush: Early bird special offer for STOmics Stereo-seq OMNI


We are excited to announce an exclusive early bird pre-order offer for STOmics' latest FFPE solution -- Stereo-seq OMNI. Early adopters can secure significant discounts on pre-orders for limited time only.

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What is Stereo-seq OMNI?


Stereo-seq OMNI -- a revolutionary sequencing-based spatial transcriptomics solution to study your FFPE samples. It provides unparalleled insights and confidently makes groundbreaking discoveries in biology and clinical translational research on everything, everywhere and every scale.


You can obtain true spatial single-cell total RNA information with accuracy and precision via the innovative 'Free Probe' design. Our innovative gene-capturing chip –Chip N, can cover a continuous tissue area of 10mm by 10mm. STOmics proprietary bioinformatic suite delivers square-bin or cell-bin clustering results based on your research demand. The bioinformatics workflow is also compatible with analyzing spatial microbial data.


Stereo-seq OMNI Key features:


l  True single-cell level gene expression profiling combined with histology image

l  'Free Probe' designed for efficient capturing of Total RNA and microbial RNA

l  Whole transcriptome and species-agnostic

l  Compatible with low-quality samples (DV200 ≥30%) 

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Recent Publication:


STOmics product: Early Access Stereo-seq Transcriptomics Solution for FFPE


Unlock exclusive savings with our early bird promotion!


At STOmics, we’re delighted to express our gratitude to the scientific community with a special early bird promotion for our groundbreaking Stereo-seq OMNI solution. This exclusive offer allows enthusiasts to pre-order the Stereo-seq OMNI solution at a substantial discount from the list price. Additionally, our STOmics sequencing solution partner, DNBseq T7RS, will participate in the promotion by offering paired reagents for STOmics OMNI at a significantly discounted rate.

The early bird promotion begins on 11th April and runs through 20th June 2024, offering a limited-time opportunity for end-users, service providers, and distributors to enhance your spatial transcriptome product portfolio while enjoying significant savings.


Who shall I contact?


For more information on the Stereo-seq OMNI Early Bird Discount, please contact our local representatives. Or you can leave your request via Our team will contact you as soon as possible.


Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be ahead of the curve and redefine spatial transcriptomics. Secure your order and benefit from our early bird promotion while it lasts!


About STOmics:


STOmics® is a platform that develops tools for life science, biotechnology, and healthcare applications. It specializes in creating innovative solutions for spatial multi-omics. The commercialized Stereo-seq® series solutions are now available in the market.


STOmics® Stereo-seq® is the only spatial multi-omics solution worldwide to access the entire transcriptome at true single-cell resolution. With subcellular data achieved through Ultra-HD resolution, this solution provides field-of-view options over 160 square cm.